I forgot to say goodbye

I should have been enjoying the new car smell while reading the manual to figure out all the bells and whistles — and there are lots — on my new 2016 Ford Escape sitting in my driveway. Instead, I found myself feeling strangely sad. Crazy, right? I thought so. In fact, instead of playing with my new […]

My Writing Soundtrack

Missouri Vaun (aka Paige Braddock the artist/writer behind Jane’s World) gives one of my books a shout out in her blog about playlists for writing. Her first novel, “All Things Rise” that’s not a graphic novel comes out in May. I can’t wait.

Here kitty, kitty.

There are about a million things I should be doing at the moment, but I’m so buoyed by an Internet purchase, I had to share it. My dad suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Before her death, my mom suffered from dementia that resulted from a series of small strokes. She had other health issues, too. So, about […]

Birthdays have never been a wonderful thing for me since I’m practically a Christmas baby. First of all, my parents were inconsiderate enough to get pregnant at the end of March so that my date of arrival was somewhere around the last of December, first of January. Secondly, my mother decided that she didn’t want […]

O Captain, my Captain!

It’s been years since I pulled her books down, but tonight I opened the first and ran my finger over the inscription as if hoping it could conjure the author. For Jackson, My Sister Amazon! Thanks and be well- Cate Culpepper It was 2006, I think, and I’d traveled alone to the Golden Crown Literary Society Convention, not […]

I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in what I have to say on this, but I was invited to participate in the My Writing Process blog tour by fellow lesfic author Yolanda Wallace. So, here are my answers:   #1 What am I working on? I just finished two projects that will release in […]

Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit

Language is my music. I’m not talking about the mechanics of grammar—a necessary evil in my affair with words. I’m referring to the inflection, the regional euphemisms and the quirky idioms that add texture to our conversations and communicate who we are and where we’ve been. That regional texture—whether it’s a Northern England clip, a […]