Birthdays have never been a wonderful thing for me since I’m practically a Christmas baby. First of all, my parents were inconsiderate enough to get pregnant at the end of March so that my date of arrival was somewhere around the last of December, first of January. Secondly, my mother decided that she didn’t want […]

O Captain, my Captain!

It’s been years since I pulled her books down, but tonight I opened the first and ran my finger over the inscription as if hoping it could conjure the author. For Jackson, My Sister Amazon! Thanks and be well- Cate Culpepper It was 2006, I think, and I’d traveled alone to the Golden Crown Literary Society Convention, not […]

I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in what I have to say on this, but I was invited to participate in the My Writing Process blog tour by fellow lesfic author Yolanda Wallace. So, here are my answers:   #1 What am I working on? I just finished two projects that will release in […]