Pieces of Me by D. Jackson Leigh

You read about the funny side of “Hold Me Forever,” now here’s the serious side. It’s hard to tell an emotion-evoking story without putting a bit of yourself in it.


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    I am heartbroken because of a prior engagement I will not be able meet you Thursday, Sept. 26th at the Augusta Library. I will admit that I haven’t read your books, but when scanning the paper of the week’s events; yours caught my eye and I was excited to know more. I immediately googled you & started reading reviews of your books. Your raw honesty & the way you share yourself is so personal; I admire those qualities in a person. I also am a Georgia Peach and love my roots (yes all in that Georgia red clay). I can’t wait to read your books. If you could spare a signed copy of your newest that would be fabulous but I would wait to read it until I read ALL of your books in order first. (p.s. I too have a Jack Russell, there is no better companion don’t ya think?)

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    I’ll also be with a couple of other Bold Strokes Authors at S.C. Pride in downtown Columbia the following Saturday. If you can come there, we’ll have a booth and be giving away other Bold Strokes books with each purchase of a book from one of the three authors there, so you get a 2for1 deal.

    If you can’t make that, I’ll be happy to autograph a copy of “Hold Me Forever” and snail-mail it to you. If you want to do that, email me at author@djacksonleigh.com and we can talk about arrangements.

    You know, Augusta is my hometown and all of my family lives in the Evans-Grovetown area still. So, I’m down there about every other month for a quick weekend to see my Dad. It’s always a long drive, though, and a quick turnaround and there never seems to be enough time to do much but spend a little time with my dad and hang for a bit with my sisters.

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    I’ll try to make the festivities in Columbia next Saturday. I look foward to meeting you!

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