Indecision…it’s technical

I’m in computer hell.

Nope. No crashes or lost files this time. Just time to update my electronics. It’s a dilemma that been keeping me up at night and surfing the web endlessly for at least a year.

By the end of 2013, I’ll likely buy a new eReader (my Sony already has about 100 more books than it is supposed to hold), a tablet (because I don’t have one), a computer (because my Inspiron 15 is breathing its last and XP needs to finally be put out to pasture) and a new phone (because I cracked the screen on my Android).

Since I haven’t won the lottery yet, I need to spend my dollars in the most efficient way, but I also don’t want to waste money on something that’s not going to measure up or last. I’m careful with my money because I have no resources but my own to depend upon. I’m not swayed by needing to keep up with the Jones and the company I work for offers corporate discounts on both Macs and Dells, so that’s no help.

The phone purchase is a given. I’ve been happy with my Android, but what if I decide on a Mac Airbook? Shouldn’t I get an iPhone instead so they can talk to each other? Macs do that, don’t they?

Do I need an iPad or would a Kindle Fire HD serve just as well? I probably would use it primarily for reading, but also for checking email and facebook. But would I find the Kindle Fire too heavy to hold while I read in bed every night? 

I’m frustrated with Windows viruses and reviews of Windows 8 aren’t glowing. On the other hand, if I pay more for a Mac, I still have to buy Word to go on it because that’s what I need to write books.

I could buy both a Dell laptop with touchpad and a Kindle Fire cheaper then just buying a Mac Airbook (which doesn’t have touchpad capability). And, I’ll still have to fork over even more money for an iPad … in the end, I’m talking about nearly $1,000 difference.

Okay, when I write that number, my bank account is screaming: WTF? You’re still dicking around over this?

Yes, I am. It took me two years to decide my first tattoo and eight years to decide a second (still can’t decide where I want the second).

That leads me to the really big question:

If I take years decide a tattoo and months to agonize over the purchase of electronics, why the hell am I sold on a woman the minute we get naked together? Hmm. Maybe I should go computer shopping in the buff …

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    Lol. We need to have a serious conversation. 🙂 When can you come to “Stark Industries” for lunch? Which Sony do you have? I am getting ready to get upgrade my Sony.

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    You are too funny. Ok, my $0.02: I’m a PC person all the way. Android phone instead of iPhone for sure. I use google for everything and it all syncs with my phone (everything’s in the cloud! I can’t lose it!). You can still find laptops with Win7 on them (you can specify the OS if you customize on Dell’s site) and I’d totally recommend using that for the next year at least (I’m not switching over to Win8 until absolutely necessary). I’m not convinced that a tablet should do double duty as your primary e-reader, either. I love the iPad but I refuse to pay for one (TGF has one for work and we use that at home), I’m getting the Nexus 7 on Tuesday but not having seen it I don’t know what I think about it yet. And as far as the e-reader…I have a nook simple touch with glow-light. Still uses e-ink technology and it’s easier on my eyes when reading in the dark (in comparison with my phone or the iPad). Now that my library has books that can be downloaded for kindle as well as epub formats, I can’t say that I have a preference between the nook or the kindle….have fun shopping!

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    I’m a house call veterinarian, and an avid reader, so I don’t have a lot of space in my Subaru for reference books, and all the lesbian fiction I want to read over and over. I also can’t hold the iPad in one hand. My BEST solution is the iPad mini, which us only 330. You can’t beat it. It alo had the Siri voice feature. Love it! It is almost exactly the size of the Kindlle fire.

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