VK Powell's Next (Really) Big Thing

Intro: I tagged my buddy, VK Powell to answer The Next Big Thing questions because I beta read her upcoming “Exit Wounds” and I’m very excited about it. I think it’s the best yet of her great romantic intrigue stories. Vic doesn’t maintain a blog of her own, but we Southerners love to entertain company […]

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

After my second novel, “Long Shot,” was released, I received several emails from readers who felt sorry for the character who didn’t get the girl. They liked the zen artist, Bridgette LeRoy. One email advised “some strong butch needs show up and rock Bridgette’s world.”

I had to chuckle when I read the review on Amazon of my latest release “Touch Me Gently,” the second of my Southern Secrets romance series. “I esp. loved the sometimes tongue-in-the-cheek take of the American South…,” the reviewer wrote. The truth is, folks, most of the Southern quirks in my books aren’t from my […]

Wash Day

Today as I was writing a scene where my new character, Whit Casey, in “Hold Me Forever” is washing down her very promising Quarter Horse racer, I found myself chuckling over the first time I gave a horse a bath. My parents raised four kids on my dad’s salary of about $5,000 a year in 1965, so I didn’t […]

Small towns, secrets and shaded tobacco

If there’s one thing we Southerners like, it’s secrets.
We like to sniff them out. We like to whisper about them. We like to keep them.
A secret might involve a crazy relative, a criminal act swept under the rug, or an indiscretion that leads to an additional family member. But all Southern families have them.

The treasures of the Southwest

I expected to visit with good friends, meet new friends and spread the word about the stories I write. I didn’t expect the treasures I found along the way to remember each leg of my tour of the Soutwest.

Things that inspire me

As we start a new year and I’m early into the writing of my fifth book, “Every Second Counts,” I pause today to reflect on the things that inspire me. Like most writers, I soak up inspiration like a sponge. We need inspiration because we sit alone, hunched over our keyboards for long – really long – […]