May 2011

A Different Kind of Pride

“This book is so Southern, it’s like sitting down to fried chicken and sweet tea.”
Larkin Rose and I pushed our new titles “Call Me Softly” and “Kiss the Rain” as hot and extra hot, and the OutRaleigh crowd ate it up.
I tossed out key phrases to entice my customers, like “British heiress meets dashing polo player” or “family bastard and a web of secrets.” But the “fried chicken” line was the one that always got them to pull out their money.

Hard to say goodbye

She held my heart for sixteen years and five months. She had eyelashes so thick and long that people would comment about them. I could stroke her back for hours while I read with her head resting in my lap.  I never doubted her devotion, even when she gave me a look that clearly said, “Explain to me why […]

Birth of a Novel

“Call Me Softly” started with my long-standing notion that polo players look powerfully sexy in their uniforms, dashing about on their ponies.