To the moon, Alice

When I got the e-mail tonight from Len Barot that I had been awarded an Alice B. Lavender Certificate, I was blown away. At first, I looked at the e-mail header to make sure she meant me, not some other Jackson. Yeah, right?

I said to my partner, “I won an award! … I think.” She was excited. “What award? Is there an awards ceremony?” she asked, her eyes glittering. I could see her envisioning red carpets and champagne … something akin to the Grammys coming on TV after the Duke game we were watching.

“Uh, no,” I said. “I don’t think so. I’m not sure what it is, but I know it’s good and it’s my first award for writing romance stories.”

“Oh, that’s nice, honey,” she replied, losing interest and turning back to the ballgame. It is nice, I thought, pulling up the website to see if my name was posted there yet. It was!

I clicked around and was more impressed to see past winners of certificates and medals from Alice B. I was in very good company.

But I didn’t really appreciate the honor bestowed on me and other writers until I clicked on founder at the top and read about Sandy.

What I read brought tears to my eyes. This was a woman who cared so much about our fiction that this foundation was started to recognize and offer encouragement to those of us bent over our computers for hours on end, spinning our stories.

She was the most important person to the world of writers. She was — and I say this with reverence — a fervent reader.

So, while at first I felt honored to be selected from among a lot of really good writers, I now feel most honored to have been to be selected by this foundation. Sandy’s foundation.

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    Congratulations Deb! I’m so happy for you! Now you are a famous writer. 😉 I knew you would be.
    All the best,

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