Turning 50 means your metabolism isn’t slow, it’s dead. It means your doctor starts to preface their diagnosis with “well, at your age…” It means nuzzling up to your partner for sex and having her say, “Aren’t you tired? How’s your back feeling?”

I’ve got many issues with the Southern Baptist doctrine I grew up with, but when I announced to my family that I was gay, he never faltered. I am his daughter and he has never judged, only loved me.

A Different Kind of Pride

“This book is so Southern, it’s like sitting down to fried chicken and sweet tea.”
Larkin Rose and I pushed our new titles “Call Me Softly” and “Kiss the Rain” as hot and extra hot, and the OutRaleigh crowd ate it up.
I tossed out key phrases to entice my customers, like “British heiress meets dashing polo player” or “family bastard and a web of secrets.” But the “fried chicken” line was the one that always got them to pull out their money.

Hard to say goodbye

She held my heart for sixteen years and five months. She had eyelashes so thick and long that people would comment about them. I could stroke her back for hours while I read with her head resting in my lap.  I never doubted her devotion, even when she gave me a look that clearly said, “Explain to me why […]

Birth of a Novel

“Call Me Softly” started with my long-standing notion that polo players look powerfully sexy in their uniforms, dashing about on their ponies.

I’m an immersion writer. I’m most productive when I can take a whole day or weekend to do nothing but write.  I’ll get up at 8:30 a.m. to boot up my laptop, and I may still be there at midnight, getting up only for bathroom breaks, maybe a 20 minute nap or to fix something […]

I had an amazing time at Bold Strokes Books’ annual fiction festival in Palm Springs last week. The readers were great, the weather was perfect and you couldn’t ask for a more entertaining group of authors to hang with. Bold Strokes has an awesome stable of writers, but some of the best moments were stolen […]

I said to my partner, “I won an award! … I think.” She was excited. “What award? Is there an awards ceremony?” she asked, her eyes glittering. I could see her envisioning red carpets and champagne … something akin to the Grammys coming on TV after the Duke game we were watching.