If you can’t say anything good…

… just don’t say anything at all.

That was Grandma’s second commandment. The first commandment involved what time of year was appropriate to wear white.

Obviously, some book reviewers didn’t know my grandmother.

We all worry about reviews … the ones that come from your supervisor, of the hotel we are planning to book, the movie we are hoping to see.

And as writers, we are particularly sensitive to reviews of the paragraphs and pages we have labored over.

I was recently shocked to see some tepid opinions posted on Amazon about a recent book by a well-established goddess of her genre. How could anyone pan any of this writer’s books?

No wonder it’s with much trepidation that we seek out reviewers to pronounce our work as hot, lukewarm or cold as a dead fish. But, still, we do.

When you get right down to the heart of it, what really qualifies someone to judge another’s work?

Personally, I think it’s only a matter of preference. I like fish, you like chicken.

On more than one occasion, I’ve picked up an award-winning book and found myself trudging through the pages. I don’t want depressing.  I don’t want to wade through page after page of intellectual introspection.  As a career journalist, I edit through more than my share of depressing and sometimes technical stories.

I love romances. If you add in a fast-paced plot or a great sense of humor, all the better. But it’s not required. What is required is a first kiss, first sex and, of course, the promise to love forever.  I want characters who are so real that they remain on the edge of my consciousness every time I have to put their story down to go to work or finally give in to sleep.

I can appreciate good writing, vivid descriptions and intricate analogies in other genres. But I don’t want to relax with them if they don’t include romance.

So, with Grandma’s rule in mind, I’ve begun building my list of reviews at goodreads.com with the resolve to only review books I like.

If your book is posted on my page, relax. I liked it.

The list is a work in progress. I’ve begun with my most recent reads and am working back to books I’ve loved for years.  Check it out at:


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    I’m so glad I followed your link from VLR. My love of horses has never materialized into owning one.
    Your Cody sounds like he was wonderful.

    I’ll be reading your work for sure!

    Thank you for sharing “you” with us.


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